Session Program

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May 06, 2015 – Wednesday (Arrival day)


16:00-19:00 Registration


20:00-22:00 Welcome Cocktail


May 07, 2015 – Thursday (1st day)


8:30-9:00 Welcome Coffee


Opening Ceremony


09:00-09:10         Welcome address by Prof. Veselin Brezin – Rector of the University of Forestry, Sofia.

09:10-09:20         Welcome address by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.

09:20-09:40        Guests welcome addresses.

09:40-10:00         “Forestry: Bridge to the Future” – presentation by Dr. Milko Milev – Dean of Faculty of Forestry, Sofia.


Plenary session – Hall Europa


Chair Person: Dr. Peter Zhelev (Bulgaria)


10:00-10:30        Key lecture 1: Kevin L. O’Hara. New directions in silviculture.


10:30-11:00        Key lecture 2: Marcus Lindner. What we (don’t) know about climate change in European forests: bridging from science to practice.


11:00-11.30        Coffee break


11:30-12:00        Key lecture 3: Jean-Luc Peyron. Adaptation to and mitigation of climate change: two combined approaches in forestry.


12:00-12:30        Key lecture 4: Ivan Raev. Investigations of global climate change impacts on forest ecosystems in Bulgaria.


12:30-13:45        Lunch


Presentations by 5 sections (I–V): A in Hall Europa, B in Hall 5, and C in Hall 1.

Section C (IV and V) only works on May 8 from 13:00 to 16:45.


Poster Sessions: two (I and II) in Hotel Lobby.




May 07.2015 – Thursday (1st day) afternoon


Presentations by two sections: A in Hall Europa and B in Hall 5


Section IA – Hall Europa


Section IB – Hall 5

Chair Persons: Prof. Kulbhushan Balooni (India) and Dr. Daria К. Diyarova (Russia)


Chair Persons: Prof. Elizabet Vachkova (Bulgaria) and Dr. Ivo Valchev (Bulgaria)

Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller. On the physical nature of the atmospheric greenhouse effect: a new perspective and its implications for understanding of future climate change


Ivan Paligorov, Emil Galev, Vasil Stiptzov, Stanislava Kovacheva, Elena Dragozova, and Ivaylo Ivanov. The policy back-casting processes and analysis of implications of integrative and segregative management approaches to forest landscapes planning.

Victor А. Mukhin and Daria К. Diyarova. Wood-decaying fungi and the carbon cycle of forest ecosystems.


Nikolay Neykov and Anna Dobritchova. Optimization of financial resources in Bulgarian forestry after the reform in 2011.

Jürgen Müller. Investigation of the dry stress effect on the water consumption and the tree growth with the use of lysimeter.


Lyubcho Trichkov and Vania Kachova. Necessity, opportunities and priorities for development of agroforestry in Bulgaria.

Kulbhushan Balooni and Jens Friis Lund. Redd+ efforts through decentralized forestry: three challenges.


Lyubcho Trichkov and Dinko Dinev.  Harvesting and processing of forest wood biomass in Bulgaria for energy purposes.

Lora Naydenova, Angel Ferezliev, and Miglena Zhiyanski. Carbon stocks in components of natural European beech ecosystems after thinning activities in Central Balkan.


Dinko Dinev and Jelio Vardunski. Testing and implementation of technologies into logging during a joint use of skidder, harvester and forwarder in Bulgaria.

Isabella De Meo, Martina Modotti, Alessandro Paletto, and Gianluca Grilli. Sustainability impact assessment (SIA) of renewable energy systems: overview of indicators and needs for future developments.


Panayot Panayotov, Ivo Valchev, Kancho Kalmukov, Momchil Panayotov, Stoiko Petrin, and Nikolay Yavorov. Black locust wood – perspective raw material for producing of chemical pulp and bioethanol.


15:15-16.00        Coffee break and Poster Session I in Hotel Lobby


16:45-   Departure to the "Bulgaria" Hall


18:00-20:00        Celebration ceremony of 90th Anniversary – Hall “Bulgaria”


20:15-20:30        Departure to the Park Hotel Moskva



May 08.2015 – Friday (2st day) in the morning


Presentations by two sections: A in Hall Europa and B in Hall 5


Section IIA – Hall Europa


Section IIB – Hall 5

Chair Persons: Prof. Nadka Ignatova (Bulgaria) and Prof. Wolfgang Beck (Germany)


Chair Persons: Dr. Bernd Stimm (Germany) and Dr. Federico Vessella (Italy)

Isabella De Meo, Paolo Cantiani, Claudia Becagli, Elisa Bianchetto, Cecilia Cazau, Stefano Mocali, and Elena Salerni. Thinnings to enhance biodiversity in Black pine stands: a case study in the Italian Apennine.


Lyubka Varbeva and Nasko Iliev. Seed qualities and seed dormancy breacking of Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) seeds.

Puskar Khanal and Donald L. Grebner. Nonindustrial private forest (NIPF) landowners attitudes toward climate change and forest carbon sequestration in the Southern United States.


Velika Jordanova and Konstantin Marinov. Study of milling technology unit performance for site preparation of forest area for afforestation.

Wolfgang Beck and Tzvetan Zlatanov. Growth patterns and climate sensitive growth rates of Norway spruce, Silver fir and Black pine stands in the Western Rhodopes and in the Thuringian mountains, Germany.


Elias Pipinis, Elias Milios, Miltiadis Georgiou, and Pavlos Smiris. Effects of gibberellic acid and cold stratification on seed germination of two Sorbus species.

Tamara Eckhart, Marcela van Loo, and Hubert Hasenauer. Site conditions for growing Douglas-fir in Central Europe.


Emil Popov. Afforestations and nature conservation in Bulgaria.

Nadka Ignatova, Maria Mladenova, and Sonya Damyanova. Longterm development of throughfall deposition in a sensitive freshwater forested catchment.


Federico Vessella, Erica Chiummariello, Francesco Angelini, Tatiana Marras, and Bartolomeo Schirone. The emberger index and its application to forest restoration in the 21st century.

Katarzyna Dudek, StanisÅ‚aw MaÅ‚ek, Józef Barszcz, Jacek Banach, Grzegorz DurÅ‚o, Krystyna JagieÅ‚Å‚o-LeÅ„czuk, and Mariusz Kormnanek. Changes in the content of carbon and nitrogen in the seedlings of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and English oak (Quercus robur L.) during the growing season in 2014 in the container nursery.


Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Patrick Hildebrandt, and Reinhard Mosandl. Understanding of ecosystem functioning as a prerequisite for ecocompatible reforestation of degraded areas with native species – a case study from the Andean Ecuador.


10:00-10:45        Coffee break and Poster Session II in Hotel Lobby




May 08.2015 – Friday (2nd day) before noon


Presentations by two sections: A in Hall Europa and B in Hall 5


Section IIIA – Hall Europa


Section IIIB – Hall 5

Chair Persons: Dr. Radim Matula (Czech Republic) and Dominik Thom (Austria)


Chair Persons: Prof. Tamara Sedelnikova (Russia) and Dr. Monika Konnert (Germany)

Radim Matula and Martin Šrámek. Resprouting ability and sprout growth dynamics in temperate trees after heavy disturbances.


Martin Bachmann, Daniela Rommel, and Bernd Stimm. Growth and regeneration of Macedonian pine (Pinus peuce Griseb.) in Bavaria against the backdrop of climate change.

Ibrahim Molla and EmiliyaVelizarova. Variation of the acid-base properties of forest soil and litter under different tree species affected by forest fires in Southeastern Bulgaria.


Gerhard Huber, Krasimira Petkova, and Monika Konnert. Comparative studies in Common beech provenances tests in Bavaria and Bulgaria.

Sizwe Mabaso, Peter Bunting, Andrew Hardy, Sandra Brown, Richard Lucas, Erik Naesset, Terje Gobakken, and Nuru Kaniki. Rapideye data for mapping and monitoring forest disturbance in Tanzania, Africa.


Velichko Gagov, Petar Zhelev, and Ivan Evtimov. Current status and perspectives of forest seed orchards in Bulgaria – look back and look forward.

Dominik Thom, Rupert Seidl, and Simon Thorn. Can disturbance management foster both biodiversity and ecosystem services?


Alexander Tashev, Tamara Sedelnikova, and Alexander Pimenov. Chromosome numbers and supernumerary (b) chromosomes in populations of Norway spruce from Western Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

Alexander Dountchev and Petar Zhelev. Natural and artificial regeneration of subalpine Picea abies (L.) Karst. forests after large-scale wind-disturbances in Vitosha Nature Park.


Monika Konnert, Barbara Fussi, Hojka Kraigher, and Filipos Aravanopoulos. Genetic monitoring in forests – efforts for a European implementation.

Zoran Stanivuković and Dane Marčeta. Consequences of Ips typographus attack on spruce forests in eastern part of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Alois Skoupy, and Achim Dohrenbusch. Evaluating of the new method of reforestation operations in semiarid conditions.


12.15-13.30        Lunch-break


May 08.2015 – Friday (2st day) afternoon

Presentations by three sections: A in Hall Europa, B in Hall 5, and C in Hall 1

Section IVA – Hall Europa


Section IVB – Hall 5


Section IVC – Hall 1

Chair Persons: Prof. Shyue-Cherng Liaw (Taiwan) and Dr. Elena Lapteva (Russia)


Chair Persons: Dr. Donald Hodges (USA) and Dr. Petros Tsioras (Greece)


Chair Persons: Prof. Sezgin Ayan (Turkey) and Prof. Vlatko Andonovski (Macedonia)

Peter Kitin, Edgard Espinoza, Hans Beeckman, and Pamela McClure. Wood identification of Fabaceae genera and species based on microstructure and dart-tofms.


Janez Krč, Adriana Maria Nolasco, Adam Taylor, and Donald G. Hodges. Assessing life cycle costs from wood energy for the EU.


Marcin Pietrzykowski. Forest ecosystem restoration on post mining sites – challenge of the new century.

Ivailo Nikolov and Marius Dimitrov. Syntaxonomic analysis of forest vegetation in Central Balkan National Park.


Valentin S. Shalaev and Victor Teplyakov. IUFRO history and Russia.


Sezgin Ayan, TuÄŸba Dudu Günlü, and Aybaba HançerlioÄŸulları. The effect of electromagnetic field applications on attributes of Anatolian Black pine seeds.

Elena M. Lapteva, Yulia A. Vinogradova, and Yury V. Kholopov. Structure and functional diversity of soil microbiota in north-taiga spruce forests of the European North-East.


Donald G. Hodges. Effect of carbon on optimal hardwood management regimes: an economic analysis.


Zoran Govedar, Srđan Keren, and Drago Petković. Natural regeneration in fire-affected pure stand of Pinus nigra Arn. in the area of Trebinje.

Elena M. Lapteva, Yulia Vinogradova, and Yury Kholopov. Activities of soil microbe communities at spruce forests clear-cuts of the European North-East.


Petros A. Tsioras, Dionysios Bochtis, and George Banias. GHG emissions in firewood supply chains: the case of Northern Greece.


Nikolčo Velkovski, Jane Acevski, Vlatko Andonovski, Kole Vasilevski, Dejan Mandžukovski, and Goce Nikolovski. Distribution, status and regenerating potential of Macedonian pine (Pinus peuce Griseb.) forests at the National Park Pelister.

Chun-Kuo Yeh and Shyue-Cherng Liaw. Landscape change trajectories of forested watershed under typhoon disturbances in Taiwan.


Petros A. Tsioras, Diamantis Liamas, Pavlos Efthymiou, Dimitrios Koutsianitis, and Elias Voulgaridis. Wooden pole production in Greece.


Goce Nikolovski, Vojo Gogovski, Dejan Mandžukovski, Vlatko Andonovski, Jane Acevski, and Nikolčo Velkovski. Analysis of the hunting grounds of Vlainsko-Maleshevska hunting management area in the Republic of Macedonia.

Dobrinka Zakova-Aleksandrova. Research of landscapes in landslides terrains in Melnik region using a long-distance method.


Elias Milios, Kyriaki Kitikidou, Stelios Chatzakis, and Maria Batziou. Structure analysis of a lowland Quercus pubescensQuercus frainetto forest in Northeastern Greece.


Radoslav Milchev and Maria Asenova. Creating of geoportal server as a platform for research and training at the University of Forestry..


15:00-15:30        Coffee break


May 08.2015 – Friday (2st day) afternoon

Presentations by three sections: A in Hall Europa, B in Hall 5, and C in Hall 1

Section VA – Hall Europa


Section VB – Hall 5


Section VC – Hall 1

Chair Persons: Prof. Galina Kolganikhina (Russia) and Dr. Nikolay Zafirov (Bulgaria)


Chair Persons: Prof. Dmitry Schepaschenko (Russia) and Dr. Yavor Poryazov (Bulgaria)


Chair Persons: Dr. Wenhui Chen (China) and Dr. Stoyan Stoyanov (Bulgaria)

Evgenia Velinova, Yordanka Stancheva, and Alexander Tashev. Diseases in wild-growing Honey bearing plants in Lyulin Mountain in Bulgaria.


Dmitry Schepaschenko, Myroslava Lesiv, Steffen Fritz, Linda See, Anatoly Shvidenko, Christoph Perger, Florian Kraxner, and Maria Schepaschenko. Citizen science application for forestry.


Emil Galev and Diana Koprinska. Principles for the formation of spaces along walking trails in forest landscapes.

Ivaylo Tsvetkov, Stefan Mirchev, and Nikolay Zafirov. Climate-tree ring width relationship in a Cork oak (Quercus suber L.) stand in South-Eastern Bulgaria.


Myroslava Lesiv, Anatoly Shvidenko, Dmitry Schepaschenko, Linda See, and Steffen Fritz. Development of a hybrid forest map using Ukraine as a case study.


Maria Gurkova. Specific characteristics and some issues of protection of immovable cultural heritage objects in forest areas of Bulgaria.

Nikolay Zafirov, Stefan Mirtchev, and Radostina Schivacheva. Dendrochronological assessment of climatic and anthropogenic influences on urban forests in Bulgaria.


Rumen Petrin. Structure by height of natural Scots pine stands.


Maria Gurkova and Emil Galev. Principles of landscape architects in reporting immovable cultural heritage in forest areas.

Galina B. Kolganikhina. Mass dying of Colchis box in forests of Russian Caucasus.


Toma Tonchev, Yavor Poryazov, and Violeta Dimitrova. Aboveground biomass for Norway spruce stands in Western Balkan range.


Evlogi Angelov, Gradimir Gruychev, and Stoyan Stoyanov. Do hand Reared partridges (Perdix perdix L., 1758) survive after releasing in upland habitats of Western Bulgaria.

Aneta Lyubenova, Slavtcho Slavov, and Stefan Mirtchev. Risk analysis of potentially invasive pathogen Phytophthora ramorum for oak forests in Bulgaria based on climate data.


Yavor Poryazov, Toma Tonchev, and Rilka Bekyarova. Dynamic growth model for Red oak plantations in Bulgaria.


Wenhui Chen and Junchang Liu. The optimal management model for wild boar resources: case study with applications in Fujian and Heilongjiang provinces of China.



16:45-17:15        General discussion







Two sessions at Hotel Lobby


May 07, 2015 – Thursday (1st day)


15:15-16:00    Poster Session I with Coffee break


May 08, 2015 – Friday (2nd day)


10:00-10:45    Poster Session II with Coffee break







  1. Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller. On the physical nature of the atmospheric greenhouse effect: a new perspective and its implications for understanding of future climate change.
  2. Alexandra Alexandrova, Alexander Tashev, and Marius Dimitrov. Floristic studies in Slivenska mountain (Eastern Stara Planina).
  3. Svetoslav Anev and Nikolina Tzvetkova. Dynamics of gas-exchange within the crown of Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst.).
  4. Ina Aneva, Petar Zhelev, Stoyan Stoyanov, and Lyuba Evstatieva. The plant communities of Sideritis lanata L. in Southwestern Bulgaria.
  5. Alexander Tashev, Maria Asenova, and Pavel Pavlov. Distribution survey on Tulipa urumoffii Hayek across Chepan mountain (Western Balkan) and spatial data analysis in GIS environment.
  6. Maria Broshtilova and Kostadin Broshtilov. Changes in the composition of the rainfall fluxes passed through the crowns of Black pine, Atlas cedar, Common oak and Black locust.
  7. Maria Broshtilova and Kostadin Broshtilov. Dynamics of macroelements in the leaves of tree species growing in Pismenovo dendrarium.
  8. Georgi Hinkov, Emil Popov, and Georgi Erbakamov. Assessing the conservation status of forest habitats in protected area ‘Kamchiyska and Emenska mountain’.
  9. Adriana Ivanova, Svetoslav Anev, and Nikolina Tzvetkova. Stomatal control on photosynthesis in dryed saplings of genus Pinus.
  10. Albena Ivanova,  Anita Kostadinova, Momchil Panayotov, and Stefan Yorukov. Xylogenesis of Pinus heldreichii H.Christ and Pinus peuce Griseb. in NP “Pirin”.
  11. Mariangela N. Fotelli, Kyriaki Kitikidou, and Kalliopi Radoglou. Foliar nitrogen content and nitrogen resorption efficiency across a gradient of European forests as affected by tree diversity and environmental drivers.
  12. Konstantinos Martinos, Elpiniki Skoufogianni, Alexandra Solomou, and Chrisi Stathaki. Biodiversity conservation tactics and sustainable management of Greek forests: а review.
  13. Milan Medarević, Dragan Karadžić, Ljubodrag Mihajlović, Ivan Milenković, and Snežana Obradović. Climatic changes and threatening factors of forest ecosystems in Serbia.
  14. Teodor Nedelin, Slavcho Savev, Kaloyan Kostov, and Melania Gyosheva. New hypogeneous fungi for Bulgaria.
  15. Galina A. Novitskaya, A. A. Novitskaya, and S. A. Potapova. Tectona grandis – past, present and future.
  16. Saša Pekeč, Saša Orlović, Andrej Pilipović, and SrÄ‘an Stojnić. Physical properties of deposol and watering needs Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) tree row seedlings.
  17. Andrej Pilipović, Saša Orlović, Zoran Galić, Milan Borišev, Milan Drekić, Miroslav Marković, and Leopold Poljaković-Pajnik. Respiration of forest soils in different forest stands during dry and wet seasons.
  18. Maria Aslanidou, Athanasios Papaioannou, Elias Pipinis, Olga Mavrokordopoulou, Matina Katsanidou, and Pavlos Smiris. Nutrients and heavy metals concentrations in needles of Pinus brutia Ten. in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  19. Anna Gavrilova, Boriana Sidjimova, Slavcho Savev, and Elena Topuzova. Medicinal plants in Pirin National Park.
  20. Slavcho Savev, Ina Aneva, and Petar Zhelev. Study on floristic composition and nature conservation status of plant communities of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi in Pirin National Park.
  21. Pepa Vasileva and Momchil Panayotov. Dendrochronological reconstruction of fire history in Pinus heldreichii forests in Pirin Mountain.
  22. Milorad Veselinović, Suzana Mitrović, Dragica Vilotić, Nevena Cule, Dragana Dražić, Snežana Stajić, and Snežana Rajković. Characteristics of a forest community at the locality ‘Jozica koliba’ in Serbia.
  23. Antonina Vitkova, Malina Delcheva, Alexander Tashev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Ina Aneva, and Ana Gavrilova. Current state of populations and resource assessment of Alchemilla species in Western Stara Planina and Western Sredna Gora Mountains in Bulgaria.
  24. Vasily T. Yarmishko and Marina A. Yarmishko. State of the forest communities in conditions of changing environment on European North of the Russia.
  25. Nikolay Yavorov, Ivo Valchev, and Stoyko Petrin. Kinetic study of the enzymatic hydrolysis of Robinia pseudoacacia L. for bioethanol production.
  26. Hamana Malki and Dalila Kherchouche. Drought reconstruction during the 5 last centuries for Aurès (Northeastern Algeria) from tree rings.
  27. Snezana Rajkovic, Miroslava Markovic, Ljubinko Rakonjac, Radoslav Rajkovic, Aleksandar Lucic, and Milorad Veselinovic. Injury of ozone – monitoring plot – Mokra gora.







  1. Georgios Efthimiou. The management of riparian forests in protected areas in Central Greece, the case of Sperheios and Pineios river.
  2. Alexandros-Michail Chatziminiadis, Kyriaki Kitikidou, and Elias Milios. Volume tables for the European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) of Kato Vermio of Imathia region, Northern Greece.
  3. Dobrinka Zakova-Aleksandrova. Comparative study of the growth of Pinus nigra and Cedrus atlantica in Melnik region.
  4. Danail Takov, Danail Doychev, Daniela Pilarska, and Slavimira Draganova. Natural pathogens on two forest insects in Bulgaria.
  5. Fotios Maris and Kyriaki Kitikidou. Use of log dams for erosion control – assessment considerations.
  6. Miroslava Мarkovic, Mara Tabakovic-Тоsic, Snezana Rajkovic and Ljubinko Rakonjac. Epiphytotic of powdery mildew in South-eastern Serbia.
  7. Vesna Golubović Ćurguz, Dragan Karadžić, Ivan Milenković, Katarzyna Sikora, and Zlatan Radulović. Identification and pathogenicity of the most important tracheomycotic fungi on Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. in Serbia.
  8. Zlatan Radulović, Dragan Karadžić, Vesna Golubović Ćurguz, and Ivan Milenković. The most common fungi and pseudofungi on Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in Central Serbia.
  9. Ioannis Mitsopoulos, Yannis Raftoyannis, and Dimitrios Bakaloudis. Forest experts perceptions on fire management in fir forests of Greece under a changing climate.
  10. Konstantinos S. Tsiolis and Georgios S. Efthimiou. Forest fire protection infrastructures in natural protected areas with management body. An existing survey of Greece.
  11. Momchil Panayotov, Evgeni Tsavkov, Georgi Gogushev, and Peter Bebi. Large-scale natural disturbances in Bulgaria – a historical overview.
  12. Aneliya Pencheva and Mariya Yovkova. New data about alien insect pests on ornamental plants in Bulgaria.
  13. Mara Tabakovic-Tosic, Miroslava Markovic, and Marija Milosavljevic. Gypsy moth outbreaks in forest complexes of the Jablanica region (Southern Serbia) in the period 1996–2014.
  14. Nickolay Tsvetanov, Alexander Dountchev, Momchil Panayotov, and Stefan Yurukov. The effects of micro-relief forms on natural regeneration after windthrows in Bulgaria.
  15. Konstantinos Koukoulomatis and Ioannis Mitsopoulos. Assessing the effect of fuel treatments on fire behavior in Black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) plantations in Southern Bulgaria.
  16. Milko Milev and Alexander Bardarov. Assessment of some sustainability indicators for Black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) provenance trials in Petrohan training and experimental forest range, North West Bulgaria.
  17. Aneliya Dimitrova, Kancho Kalmukov, Ilka Yonovska, and Miroslav Mikov. Shoot regeneration ability of willow clones in biomass plantations.
  18. Krasimira Petkova, Yavor Poryazov, and Raisa Petrova. Growth and state of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in the region of Yundola training and experimental forest range.
  19. Ispikoudis Stefanos, Elias Pipinis, and Pavlos Smiris. Effects of collection season and k-iba application on rooting of Olea europaea var. oleaster stem cuttings.
  20. Sonia Smirnakou and Kalliopi Radoglou. Enhanced growth characteristics of Castanea sativa Mill. seedlings exposed to led lights with continuous spectrum during indoor cultivation.
  21. Yordanka Stancheva, Krasimira Petkova, and Sonya Bencheva. Agroforestry: a secure future for global crop production.
  22. Uladzimir Torchyk and Gennady Kholopuk. Phenotypic variability of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) during introduction in Belarus.
  23. Rossitsa Petrova, Atanas Kovachev, and Svetlana Anisimova. Reclamation, landscape design and recreational opportunities of quarries.
  24. Shyue-Cherng Liaw and Jia-En Sheu. Public awareness and satisfaction toward recreational trails in urban forest, Taiwan.
  25. Veselin Shahanov. Conception for typology of composition in landscape architecture.
  26. Caihong Zhang, Liangzhen Zang, and Lan Zhang. Research on spatial distribution of under-forest economic development in China.



19:00   Departure to the restaurant “Chevermeto”

19:30-23:00    Folk-style dinner


May 9, 2015 – Saturday (3rd day)


8:30–19:00      One-day field trip to Yundola Training and Experimental Forest Range



May 10, 2015 – Sunday (Departure day)