Call For Abstracts


The papers presented oral or as poster at the Conference will be published afterward
in the journal “Forestry Ideas” after undergoing a peer review. Authors are requested
to submit their manuscripts to the editors not later than December 31 2015 at the
conference address Manuscripts should be submitted only in
electronic version – both in and pdf format. Tables and fi gures should be
sent as separate fi les in original format too (Excel for example). Their numbers must
be indicated in the text. Please include color fi gures only it is necessary for readers to
understand the information presented. Images for fi gures will be accepted only as TIF
or JPEG format and minimum 300 dpi.


Requirements for the manuscripts


Word for Windows; Paper size – A4; Page Setup – Top: 2.5 cm, Bottom: 2.5 cm, Left:
2.5 cm, Right: 2.5 cm; Line spacing – 1.5 lines; Times New Roman, 12 points; First Line
– by 1 cm; Title – Capital Letter, Center, Bold; Tables – Single Line Spacing, Size 10;
Table’s titles above and fi gure’s titles below, centered, bold, size 11; The abbreviations
in the tables and fi gures should be defi ned in the note below, centered, size 11.
For more details please see “Instructions to the authors” on the website of the journal
The following categories of manuscripts are distinguished:
• the regular manuscripts – up to 10 pages, including an abstract, tables, fi gures,
illustrations, and references;
• the research notes – up to 8 manuscript pages, including an abstract, tables, fi gures,
illustrations, and references.
The authors are asked to identify for themselves the type of the manuscript according to
its characteristics. This will fi nally be determined by the editors and reviewers.
Additional requirements
• The body of the abstract should not exceed 350 words.
• Key words – up to 6, in alphabetical order, excluded those in the title.
• The text should be in clear and concise English. Please be consistent in punctuation,
abbreviations and spelling.
• Use of standard abbreviations is desirable. Place special or unusual abbreviations in
parentheses after the full term the fi rst time it appears.
• The SI system should be used for all measurement units.
• Binomial Latin names should be used in accordance with the International Rules of
Nomenclature. In the title after the Latin name of the species the name of its author
should be included. Latin names should be typed in italics.
Two referees will review each manuscript. Papers will be printed free of charge in the
journal “Forestry Ideas” in order of their successful reviewing.
The dead-line to send the manuscript is 31.12.2015.




Oral Presentations


For each talk, there will be a 15 min time slot (10–12 min for the talk and 3–5 min for
discussion). The chairs of each session will be asked to keep strict time management.
We ask you to arrive on time in your session hall, in order to prevent delays.
Each conference hall is equipped with a Windows computer, a beamer and a laser
pointer. We provide MS Offi ce 2010. Please note that it will not be possible to use your
own computer.
Please provide your presentation either as PowerPoint or PDF fi le on a USB memory
The registration desk will open on Wednesday (May 6) 4 pm. Please hand over your
presentation to the staff at the registration desk upon arrival. It will be possible to check
the presentation on correct functioning and display of all slides. All presentations need
to be handed over to the conference staff no later than the evening proceeding the day
the talk is scheduled!




The posters will be on display from May 7 to May 8. All posters of both sessions
should be mounted from 16:00 on May 6 to 9:00 on May 7. It is your responsibility
to set-up your poster. Poster boards and appropriate pins for sticking the poster onto
the board will be provided during the conference. The authors must be present at their
posters during poster sessions. The number of the poster panel will be identical with the
number in the Book of Abstracts (see in Content). The authors are kindly requested to
mount their posters on the panel designated by the relevant number. At relevant session
presenters are asked to stand by their poster/exhibition in order to discuss their research/
design project with viewers. Posters will be displayed during the meeting and the poster
sessions will be followed by discussion between authors and attendees.



TOPICS for both oral and poster presenatations:



Main Topic:


Climate Change and Forest


  • Impact of climate change on forest ecosystems, Adaptation strategies and mitigation;
  • Forest health and protection;
  • Disturbances and disturbance regimes in forests, Fires, windstorms and soil erosion;
  • Forest-related and energy policies.


Additional Topics:


I. Forest Biology and Ecology


  • Forest soils and forest plants;
  • Ecosystem management and modeling;
  • Forest stand dynamics, growth and yield;
  • Biodiversity and nature conservation;
  • Wildlife management, Fisheries and aquaculture;


II. Forest Operations and Wood Processing


  • Forest genetics and tree breeding, Seeds and nursery practices, Afforestation;
  • General silviculture, Agroforestry;
  • Forest products, Forest ecosystem services;
  • Technology of wood harvesting and primary processing;
  • Wood processing;


III. Forest Economics and Management


  • Ecological, social and economic aspects of forestry;
  • Education of staff and society, Forest extension;
  • Decision making and regulation;
  • Landscape management, Ecotourism.




With a manuscript the corresponding author must sign, scan and send the following form (as a Cover Letter): CONSENT TO PUBLISH, TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT, AND PUBLICATION ETHICS




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