Key Talk Speakers


Prof. Kevin O'HARA – University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA. 

Presentation: New Directions in Silviculture.




    Dr. Marcus LINDNER – European Forest Institute, Finland

    Presentation: What we (don’t) know about climate change in European
    forests: bridging from science to practice




Dr. Jean-Luc PEYRON – ECOFOR, France

Managing Director of ECOFOR, a French federative platform on forest ecosystems

Former chairman of COST FP0703 "ECHOES" on Expected climate change and options for European silviculture

IUFRO Officeholder "Managerial Economics and Accounting"

Presentation: Integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation with the help of forest economics.



Prof. Ivan RAEV DSc – Forest Research Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (FRI-BAS), Sofia, Bulgaria

Presentation: Investigations of Global Climate Change Impacts on Forest Ecosystems in Bulgaria






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