The Conference is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of higher forestry education in Bulgaria and is organized by the University of Forestry, Sofia (UFS) and Faculty of Forestry (FFS).



May 06-09, 2015, Sofia – Bulgaria


Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a scientific conference entitled ”Forestry: Bridge to the Future”. The Conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the period May 06-09, 2015.

Science is a solid base for the development of higher forestry education. The Conference will be a good occasion for scientists from Bulgaria and other countries to present the results of their research work. Simultaneously, it will be an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with eminent scientists and lecturers, to enable joint research projects, to exchange experience in higher forestry education, as well as to bring together academic researchers and business practitioners from the forestry sector.

The recent studies have shown that due to many circumstances such as climate change, social and economic factors, Forestry is becoming very important for the environment and human. As more scientific information about global processes accumulates, climate change is emerging as perhaps the greatest environmental challenge of the 21st century. What is more, the air pollution, soil degradation, desertification and deforestation are intricately intertwined with and all contribute to climate change, necessitating a comprehensive approach to a solution.

Climate change and forests are intrinsically linked: forests currently contribute about one-sixth of global carbon emissions when cleared, overused or degraded; they react sensitively to a changing climate; when managed sustainably, they produce wood fuels as a benign alternative to fossil fuels; and finally, forests have the potential to absorb about one-tenth of global carbon emissions projected for the first half of this century into their biomass, soils and products and store them. Therefore, it is of particular importance to study Forestry and share information and good practices among the scientists and professionals from different countries.


The conference is organized by the University of Forestry and Faculty of Forestry, Sofia. The international and local organizing committees have prepared a scientific programme including invited speakers and the call for papers will be announced shortly. This will result in a well-balanced agenda with state-of-the-art professional highlights and various social events.

The scientific programme includes leading scientists who have been invited to present key lectures on the current advances as well as future prospects in the respective fields. The scientific programme will be organized in plenary lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions. The main topics of the conference will cover:

Main Topic:

  • Climate Change and Forests

Additional topics:

  • Forest Biology and Ecology
  • Forest Operations and Wood Processing
  • Forest Economics and Management


The conference attendees will enjoy three professionally challenging days as they attend sessions and meet colleagues, experts and people working in the field of Forestry from Europe and many other regions.

The Conference will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the most ancient European capitals, where the old traditions are harmoniously merged with modern European trends. You will enjoy a friendly opening ceremony, a warm welcome reception, dances in a relaxing atmosphere, and you can also spend your spare time visiting museums, art galleries, ancient monuments and many other interesting sights in Sofia. You will certainly take back home some unforgettable memories of your conference attendance!

The attractive blend of scientific presentations, sightseeing tours and visit to the Experimental Forestry Enterprise in Yundola will surely encourage you to come to Sofia and be a part of the memorable events during the International Conference "Forestry: Bridge to the Future".


Prof. Dr. Veselin Brezin
Rector of the University of Forestry,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee


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